zaterdag 13 februari 2010

Webshop and a new trend flowers

Today I opened my webshop , please take a look on deborahs fashion shop
I sell a Eiffeltower Necklace , there will be soon more available

And an other new trend is Flowers .
You see them everywhere on skirts , dresses and blouses

fashiongonerouge/ asos

Do you love this trend or not ?
Thanks for all the reactions , I really like it

17 opmerkingen:

Tori zei

I love florals during the summer! Very cute pictures. (:

dan Andrea zei

I love flowers! & that necklace is lovely.

-marta zei

that necklace is so cute! I'd buy it, but I don't have a paypal account :(

ps; florals are my absolute favourite

BreckenridgeClare_fashionblog zei

gosh the florals are sooooo cute! I love the floral prints!

Love always,
Breckenridge Clare

The Body Electric zei

I went through a phase where I HATED floral but I'm back to loving it again. It's just so lovely and cheerful!

Great pics!

J and V zei

thank you for the kind comment. Love your blog.

Evangeline zei

your floral prints are great!
btw how did you find my blog?

Evie @

Lena P. zei

the floral prints are cute
and i really love the necklace

you're blog is amazing!

J. zei

That necklace is so sweet !


i am afraid i don't think i could pull off a floral dress but planning on getting a cropped floral tee for summer:)xxscisi

Giovanna ♥ zei

Hope you have a lovely Valentine’s day!!

fabfashionisto zei

did you make that necklace??? it is so chic!!!! I love it and your right i have been seeing floral prints alot I love them

Marieke zei

I like the first dress <3
ooooh, ik heb nu zooo'n zin om te shoppe :$
dankje! <3

Emma ... zei

I love this trend!
and I love the necklace! Your very talented :)
Thanks for your sweet comment I really appreciate it!
Have a great day!
Emma x

Lies zei

dankje! deze zijn ook mooi

Erica zei

Love the florals!


And I like yours :) Rostbiff.