dinsdag 9 maart 2010

New spring/summer trend : Dungarees

The dungarees are back !

Do you love this trend ? or not ?


7 opmerkingen:

all kinds of everything zei

Great!! I like the second one very much.

jeanette zei

Ja....de tuinbroek heb ik ook wel weer zin aan:-)

-marta zei

it really depends how they're worn. I love them in these pictures, but I cant pull them off :(

Lisanne zei

echt leuk vind ik dat er altijd uitzien!
ik volg je trouwens (:

Marcell-a zei

I love it too :)
The color of the first dress just matches the complexion of the actress :)

and hey, i love this trend you posted. :)

Beth Ruby zei

Gorgeous photos!
Not quite sure if Ican pull them off though haha although I bet they would look fab on someone else ;)

Giovanna ♥ zei

I think it depends on how you put the look together. I love the look on the first photo!