donderdag 25 maart 2010

New trend : jumpsuit / playsuit

I really love this new trend !! and you ?

15 opmerkingen:

jessica danielle. zei

I love them too! Though, I don't think I can pull them off, my body shape is all wrong :(


Süreya zei

i think it wouldn't look very nice on me,
but some of them are really cute.

Mirell zei

Great blog! :)

Nanx zei

these are so cute!

CMA zei

the third little striped jumper, SO CUTE
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments, so sweet of you!


Emma ... zei

love jumpsuits!
Thanks for the comment, hope your having a great weekend!


all kinds of everything zei

Leuke jumpsuits Deborah!
De zwarte is ook heel mooi.
M xxx

Mylène. zei

ik vind het wel gewaagd, heb er tot nu toe nog niet echt iemand mee gezien, maar dat zal deze zomer wel komen denk ik ^^

-marta zei

I want a jumpsuit sososo bad.
that last one is adorable!

L. zei

i'm looking for one so badly! these are nice! like your blog!

M. zei

I love the playsuits!

Birgit zei

love love love love it, vooral de eerste die is zo ongeloofelijk mooi. Ga er zeker eentje kopen voor deze zomer, aah ik word zo blij als ik aan de zomer denk!

Obsesiones de una Nina zei

I heart the denim jumpsuit ;)

The Fashionista zei

Love the first two!

-WeAreFashion- zei

I love jumpsuits, still have to buy one...
Thank you for you comment on my drawings:D