dinsdag 26 januari 2010

Spring/Summer Trend 2010: Nudes

No violent trends this summer !
The romantic and soft toffee colours are back : The nudes

elisabethcarrie/marie claire

Do you like it or not ?
p.s thanks for the reactions

16 opmerkingen:

L. zei

i love nude! and the second picture is too gorgous!!

fabfashionisto zei

I love them all!! especialy the first two...I think there is something so soft and sexy about nude colors they make the person wearing them look as if they where glowing.

lover. zei

love these pics x

marie zei

I absolutely love it, finally something soft and beautiful (want that last dress♥).

Rebecca zei

do i like it? i love it

i think nude outfits are fantastic


lilmissshortee zei

I love the nude clothing,
lovely post :)

Mona N. zei

Nude is such a great colour if you're going for a softer, more feminine look.

Missy zei

i love nude!!! is the colour this year!!

Sena zei

thank you deborah for you lovely comment.

ps: love the collection

Everyone loves fashion zei

love nude color things!

Laura zei

I love your blog and your pictures.

WM zei

hi hun! love pastels tones for outfits! great picture selection! kisses!


CMA zei

that second dress is SO cute
love it
totally adorable
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for your lovely comments, it means the world to me!


kacesi zei

Hey, thanks for commenting my blog! I love nudes, it's such a great color to play around with!

L.L zei

I love nudes. The first 2 photos are great x

Debrah zei

I love your blog and your vision of fashion! Really good!