vrijdag 29 januari 2010

Urban Outfitters, Early Spring 2010

This is the new early spring collection of urban outfitters. It all about the vintage girl in a romantic theme


Do you like it ?
And thanks for all the reactions !

11 opmerkingen:

Jill zei

That top dress is amazing. I love it.


Love the jumpsuit thing (L)

J. zei

I totally love it.

Tori zei

I like the first picture a lot. (:

Veronica zei

So sweet!
Thanks for your comment!


Ashley zei

Love the first dress. The cut-out in the back is awesome.


Camilla zei

Love your blog!
so preety x

modernism&vintage zei

The first one is lovely!

fabfashionisto zei

These looks are great! they really make me feel and believe the concept behind them!

maren zei

Love!! Oh my gosh! Yes! :D

Mera zei

Love the first one!!